First-Year Class Profile The Class of 2022

General Information

Public / Charter School 52%
Private / Parochial School 48%
QuestBridge Finalists 39
Domestic Students of Color  83
First Generation College Students 38


31-34Middle 50% ACT Composite
1360-1480Middle 50% SATR EBRW+M

Financial Aid Information

Percent of Students Receiving W&L Grant Assistance
Number of Students Receiving W&L Grant Assistance
Average Need-Based Grant
Average Institutional Award (need and/or merit based)
Pell Grant Recipients
64 (14%)

Curriculum Background

96% of the class entered with AP, Advanced International Certificate of Education, and/or IB Background

Foreign Language Background

73% of the class of the class studied four years or more of at least one foreign language.

STEM Background

85%completed at least one level of IB Math or a Calculus Course
73%studied four or more years' worth of lab science
16%took at least one year of Computer Science or Programming in high school

Extracurricular Life

The Class of 2022 includes students who have served as honor council members, student body presidents, state champion athletes, concert masters, entrepreneurs, community service leaders, interns, employees, editors in chief, Gold Award recipients & Eagle Scouts plus a:

pilot, park service researcher, rescue patrol member, Latin American dance club founder, PBS game show participant, suicide prevention campaign founder, 3D manufacturing designer, founder of "political junkies" club, Bolshoi Ballet guest, fencer, "Napkin Notes" presenter, founder of Bulgarian folk dance troupe, children's book author for dyslexic kids, and member of the Japanese National Korfball Team. Some have also worked as a: Hardee's assistant manager, substitute rural mail carrier, foal sitter, dolphin tour guide, garden designer, luggage repair expert.

Fun Facts

  • September doesn’t just mark the start to their first year of college, but the highest proportion of birthdays in the Class of 2022! 55 first-year students have September birthdays.
  • There's only one New Year’s baby in the class, but two born on New Year’s Eve
  • The students who traveled farthest to attend W&L are from Vietnam: nearly 8,500 miles away.
  • The hamlet of New Vernon, NJ is the smallest hometown represented in the Class of 2022 with only 558 residents -- and is even smaller now, as it sends two first-years to W&L.
  • The first-year student with the largest population adjustment is from Karachi, Pakistan, population 21 million
  • Seven students won’t have to change their hometown name, as they are from various cities named “Lexington” across the country.
  • Five students are accustomed to attending a school with Washington in its name, as their high schools shared the namesake; and four students have Lee in their names.