An interview allows the Admissions Office the opportunity to get to know you a little better than your admission application alone might allow. On-campus interviews are available starting in May of your junior year through the end of November in your senior year. Off-campus interviews with Alumni Admissions Program (AAP) volunteers are available from September through January of your senior year.

What to Expect

Please don't be nervous about interviewing with us! We enjoy meeting our applicants and getting to know them as individuals. Interviews are friendly conversations that last about 30 minutes and give you a chance to tell us about your interests and accomplishments, as well as your college search and interest in W&L. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions one-on-one of an admission staff member. The whole process is meant to be fun and helpful, not intimidating.

Are Interviews Required?

Interviews are not required, but they are strongly recommended.

On-campus interviews with an admission staff member and off-campus interviews with an Alumni Admissions Program member are valued equally in our admissions process. In fact, a majority of students complete their interview off-campus with an AAP member. Please note that students should complete only one interview, and we do not offer Skype or phone interviews. International students may also choose to submit an InitialView interview as a part of their application.

Scheduling Your Interview

On Campus

Schedule an on-campus interview by telephone: (540) 458-8710. Please allow several weeks' notice.

You may begin interviewing on-campus as early as May of your junior year through November of your senior year. Usually there is enough time for parents to ask questions at the end of your interview. Plan to arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled interview appointment.

Near You

If you cannot make the trip to Lexington, you may interview with a member of our Alumni Admissions Program in or near your hometown. The alumni selected for our AAP are trained by Admissions staff and are well equipped to answer your questions about Washington and Lee.

Alumni interviews are available only from the fall of your senior year through February 1. Students should contact their your local Alumni Admissions Program chair directly at least two weeks in advance to secure an appointment. Since AAP members are volunteers, please be patient with your requests.

Schedule an Alumni Admissions Program interview by locating the AAP member closest to your home.