Digication FAQ


What is Digication?

Digication is an online e-Portfolio tool that allows students, faculty, or staff to create a digital portfolio of their work.

How do I request a Digication account?

Contact the ITS Information Desk at (540) 458-4357, or send an email with your request to help@wlu.edu.

How do I access Digication?

In a web browser, go to http://digication.wlu.edu

What are some possible uses of Digication?

  • Students can create online e-Portfolios to share with prospective employers
  • Professors can use e-Portfolios in the classroom to document students' learning progress
  • Professors can use Digication for the pre-tenure, tenure, and promotion process

How do I find out more about Digication?

For more information, please contact the ITS Information Desk in Leyburn Library at (540) 458-4357 (HELP) or help@wlu.edu