Office of Lifelong Learning

Washington and Lee University operates one of the most respected arrays of lifelong learning and educational tour programs in the nation. Many exciting trips and campus seminars await you in 2019-2020, adventures that will open a world of discovery for you and other W&L alumni, parents, and friends.

The best way to celebrate W&L's enduring commitment to lifelong learning is by experiencing it personally. You, too, can share in the life of the University with an educational adventure on campus or abroad. You'll find the companionship of exploring the world with compatible minds rewarding as well. As travelers, we delight in the history and culture of foreign lands, places wholly apart from the familiar customs and routines of our neighborhoods, places that open our eyes and all our senses to what is new and different, that rekindle the wonder of discovery and the good will that naturally comes with it.

The W&L campus is a shorter journey for most travelers. Through the Alumni College, we encourage you to satisfy your enduring curiosity about the world, to think with us about history, philosophy, literature, the arts and sciences, and current events. As always, the journey involves a lot of fun. At W&L, it begins with our delight in one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, the traditional warmth of its hospitality, and the engaging expertise of the W&L faculty.

Many adventures await you in 2019-2020, the next chapter in a lifetime of learning. Please take a few minutes to read through this website — prepare yourself for some tough choices, both on campus and abroad! We look forward to welcoming you to a continuing exploration of our changing world.

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A Good Education Is, Above All, a Habit of Mind

Michelle BrockLearning is not something that ends when one graduates from college. Rather, education is truly a lifelong journey, approached differently at distinct phases in our lives. This understanding lies at the heart of the Alumni College at Washington and Lee University, which provides alumni, their families, and current faculty with invaluable, award-winning opportunities to continue their intellectual development. Teaching in the Alumni College has been one of the most rewarding parts of my time at W&L. Participation in our diverse and exciting programs, both on and off campus, has allowed me to share in transformative educational experiences with our alumni and to teach alongside some of W&L's finest faculty members. As important, involvement in the Alumni College has fostered lasting friendships and allowed me to constantly rediscover the joy of learning. I look forward to further intellectual journeys with the friends and faculty of Washington and Lee in the years to come!

— Michelle Brock, Associate Professor of History