W&L Traveller

When you think of vacation travel, think of Washington and Lee. Through W&L's educational travel program, you'll find several splendid opportunities to know the world firsthand, to experience different cultures inside their borders, to appreciate different world views, to study wildlife in its natural setting and to savor the inspiring beauty and history of other lands.

Through its Alumni College and W&L Traveller, Washington and Lee continues to operate one of the most successful collegiate tour programs in the nation. Here are four good reasons behind our success:

  • Depth: W&L's travel program is an extension of the University's educational mission. We add substance to your pleasure by making each tour intellectually rewarding. Each program is accompanied by select experts, along with a W&L escort. All programs include advance readings and frequent talks to deepen your appreciation of each destination.
  • Value: The W&L Traveller is a non-profit educational benefit to the University's extended family of alumni, parents, and friends. We take pride in offering the highest quality educational tours at a price lower than you're likely to find through other organizations. Well over 95 percent of our travelers rate W&L tours an "excellent bargain" or "fair in price." By now, a large majority of our participants are repeat travelers.
  • Comfort: W&L tours traditionally feature deluxe accommodations. We also study to avoid the many minor inconveniences and annoyances that can plague ill-considered travel. Most of our destinations are inspected beforehand, both to refine proposed itineraries and to avoid those notorious surprises. Also, ever mindful of your safety, we insure all of our travelers for emergency medical evacuation should illness or injury require treatment at home.
  • Companionship: Over the years, W&L travelers and tour managers alike have consistently observed that something in the W&L culture seems to assure good company. Whether you're an alum, a family member, a friend or a single, you won't find any strangers on a W&L tour. Everyone is welcomed and warmly included in all activities. No doubt this further explains why W&L's travel program enjoys one of the highest participation rates of any college in the nation.

So, if you seek a deeper, more immediate acquaintance with our world and congenial company throughout, please join us for a continuing discovery of some of the world's most fascinating people and places.

We look forward to traveling with you,

Rob Fure, Ruth Candler and Emily King

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