The Honor System

A Community of Trust

Among the many features that distinguish W&L, the Honor System has the most consequential and enduring impact on the university community. 

W&L’s Honor System is special because it is entirely student-run and all students share a commitment to not lie, cheat, steal or violate the community’s trust. Personal integrity, combined with a shared commitment to the collective good, creates an open and supportive environment for students to thrive. 

Just as W&L students are shaped by the Honor System during their time on campus, graduates are guided by a continuing commitment to honor in their personal and professional lives. Alumni value their dedication to integrity, which creates lasting connections within the W&L community. 

While the Honor System does have an academic component, it is more than just that. It can also be seen in the conversations that happen on campus, the relationship between faculty and students, and how we treat each others as members of the same campus.