The 1749 Circle

The 1749 Circle

Washington and Lee's Most Loyal Donors

The 1749 Circle logoThe 1749 Circle is a special philanthropic society recognizing and honoring the loyal alumni, parents, and friends who support the University consistently over time. This society is not about how much you give; it's about the simple act of giving, year after year.

Currently, The 1749 Circle has over 13,000 members. These individuals have made a commitment to W&L year after year without fail.

Membership Requirements:

  • Your membership in the 1749 Circle begins after your third year of consecutive giving to W&L.
  • The University will count your gifts to any area of the University when determining your years of consecutive giving.
  • Recognition is based on gifts, pledge payments, and matching gifts received in a single fiscal year. W&L's fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.

For any questions related to The 1749 Circle, please reach out to the Annual Giving Office.

A Message from The 1749 Circle Co-chairs

Photo of John Nolan '70

John Nolan '70

"It just feels right and very satisfying to know that largely through our consistent annual giving the University is able to provide current students the excellence in education and experiences that our predecessors’ gifts enabled us to have."

Photo of Jane Ledlie Batcheller '03, '08L

Jane Ledlie Batcheller '03, '08L

"I want alumni to understand the value of their gift, consistent giving, and the Annual Fund's impact on current students. My husband (Brooks '04) and I know that we benefited during our time at W&L from those who gave to the university, so it's important for us to continue to pay that forward."

Photo of Bowen Spottswood '18

Bowen Spottswood '18

“The Annual Fund supports the continued growth of the campus, the curriculum, and each individual student, while remaining mindful of the heart of W&L. I personally continue to benefit from W&L, and I consistently support the Annual Fund out of gratitude for my experience and in hope for the current student body. ”

"All gifts are important to support the university's academic programs, but those gifts that hold special significance are ones on which Washington and Lee can absolutely depend. Such repetitiveness is key to the success of the University's mission because it makes it possible to plan ahead and to act on those plans with a high degree of confidence."
Farris Hotchkiss '58